A couple of days ago we received this question in one of our social media groups …

“I’d like to know more about what people in Oslo are working on in the blockchain space, and what opportunities there are for women. Do you have any resources/connections to share?”

We thought it would be interesting to answer this question. Feel free to answer it yourself and take this opportunity to present yourself, what project you’re working on, what is happening in your country, what visions you have and what you would like to achieve with this technology.

A lot is happening in the Crypto and Blockchain Community in Oslo, and not only in the capital. It seems like there are new exciting startups, hubs and projects launched by female founders, female investors and female developers every day all over Norway, but we definitely need more of these businesses founded and run by women. This also goes for the other Scandinavian countries.

Norway has a female Prime Minister – Erna Solberg – who recently stated that the government wants understanding for coding and technology going into the education plans already from the primary school stage. In the new digitization strategy, one of the goals is to provide all students with training in technology. This includes understanding and managing algorithmic thinking and programming. And although the government has come with this great initiative, we need more developers, especially women developers and we need them – today! Therefore Norwegian organizations start code camps ‘girls only’ to motivate them at a young age and get them interested in technology.

One of the reasons we started the facebook-group ‘Women in Crypto and Blockchain’ – and the one specifically for the Nordic countries: Nordic Women in Crypto and Blockchain – was to gather all women around the world so we can exchange thoughts and experiences. We want to know more about other crypto- and blockchain adventures in other parts of this wonderful world. Therefore we would love to invite other women via a skype-meetup so they can give a presentation for us here in Norway.

We are still at an early stage

All of your projects, meet-ups, questions, ideas and updates you post are an inspiration for us to see what we can come up with here in Norway. And although a lot is happening, we are still at an early stage when it comes to this exciting Blockchain technology. More and more women are discovering and reaching out to us through various channels. That gives us a reason to believe that a lot of good will come out of this when we spread the advantages in different areas: Social Impact, Health Care, Food, Nature, Governments, Sustainable Energy, Supply Chains, etc. What could it imply when we start connecting the Blockchain to AI, VR, AR, Drones, 3D-Printing, … ?

That is why we – Caroline Nilsson and I – started ‘Create Your Team’. We want to connect the community of motivating people, inspiring projects and everyone interested in these new technologies. There are so many bright people with new ways of thinking, new ways of looking at the world, with a vision and a purpose that will change a lot for so many. We therefore arrange projects, organize workshops, lectures and develop new ideas with the help of exciting and disruptive technologies. We have an internal motivating drive and a desire to impact and improve all lives and our world in a meaningful way.

Now blockchain can be a broad topic, since there are so many levels to it. Are we just talking coding or is there more to it? In order to develop a blockchain project we need a lot of other things as well. We need people with a bright, futuristic mind to dream big about where a project is heading, we need investors who dare to go an unknown road and make the magic happen. We need mentors and tutors to challenge, encourage and support the growth of a project or startup. We need companies who dare to take the challenge and implement this technology into their already existing model.

Norway is not my native country, but I’ve grown to like it, their people and it’s breathtaking nature. It has given me tremendous never-thought, never-hoped for opportunities and for that I’m grateful. It is ranked as the happiest country to work and live in (although Finland just pushed us to the second place, kiitos Suomi ;-)), and there’s a lot of available space, both physically and career-wise.

Annemie Bergmans