Hi Ladies,

“Women like gold, not crypto. It doesn’t lie in their nature, there is neither cookware nor laundry inside crypto. Women and girls should stay home and take care of the household and children and have dinner ready until daddy gets home. Girls do not know how to mediate cash …”

These are some of the answers I read on a crypto forum yesterday that were given when a man asked “What do you think is the reason why girls and women do not care about or invest in cryptocurrencies?”

Now this was about crypto but the same goes for tech. Of course, this makes me sad but even more so eager to focus on all the mindblowing things we can do. We don’t need to convince anybody, not even ourselves to know that we matter, that we can make a big and universal impact, that we can achieve whatever we want.

There are a lot of skilled women who work behind the scenes, do research and even invest, who build exciting companies and co-create on wonderful projects. I know for a fact that women are extremely good in looking and finding solutions, because they can see it from a female point of view.

By the way, I did tell them about our Women in Crypto and Blockchain Meetup, and told them even men are welcome.

And ladies, when looking at our fbgroup and meetup.com I’m in aw to say that we reached 70 members in just 20 days. Hurray for us!

So, time for us to meet, to shine, to work, to laugh and to change the world. Come and join us!