This is the transcript of the first presentation held on our very first Women in Crypto and Blockchain meet-up, December 12 2017.

Why did we start this meet-up group?

We would like to give women a space where they can engage and be involved in the tech and crypto community. Nowadays women are not as present or as visible or as heard in the techworld and we feel that that needs to change.

Different approach:
Women tend to have a different approach and mindset when it comes to problem solving. They see opportunities from another point of view. The tech world is mostly dominated by man, this brings a certain in-balance. Our input is needed to bring back the balance.

New Technologies:
Women need more chances to participate and learn about these new technologies. We need to figure out what these technologies are all about.

By stepping up in the crypto- and techworld, women can become even more independent. This gives them a chance to realize their visions and dreams f ex by building companies and creating projects.

How can we achieve this?

Women are really good at networking. We can build an even stronger Crypto and Blockchain community where we can share our experiences.

We would like to meet once a month here in Oslo. Maybe we even can fit in conference calls with other Women in Crypto Blockchain groups around the world f ex Los Angeles, New York, Denmark and Bangkok and exchange our thoughts and ideas.

We would like to invite speakers with all kinds of expertise and walks of life and give women the opportunity to present or address issues or thoughts on one of our next meet-ups.

There are different possibilities: by attending our meet-ups you can take information and advise with you in order to implement this in your own projects. Or we, the members of this group, can come together to hatch ideas and create sustainable projects where all are free to contribute to

Which topics can we address?

We can address different topics on our meet-ups. A lot of them – if not all – can be found in the UN Global Sustainability Goals. We can even divide them in topics and sub-topics, and almost all – if not all – can be solved by using and implementing Bitcoin/Crypto and Open Blockchain Technology.

Social Impact:
– Peace & Justice
– Women & Money

– Women’s empowerment
– Gender equality

Health Care:
– Healthy Food
– Genetics
– Education

– Sustainable cities
– Partnership & Communities
– Infrastructure

– Responsible consumption
– Agriculture
– Clean water
– Clean Energy
– Social Plastic

The following are no UN Goals but technologies which combined with Crypto and Blockchain technology can alter our world, as long as we see technology as the tool it is.

– Artificial Intelligence
– Augmented Reality
– Virtual Reality
– Robots/Drones– 3D Printing

Annemie Bergmans