Everyone wants to give, be helpful, share something. Most of us donate or know someone who donates to a charity for a good cause. We feel good when we donate time or money to those who need it the most. Often that money/blood/time goes to someone on the other side of our planet. Or does it?
It is in our nature to care about other people, so much that we trust a organization blindly to give our money to starving people. We wonder, how can it be, that one of the largest and most known charities has “helped” people over 73 years, but poverty, hunger, healthcare,.. still is very much present on this planet today?
Of course, many people have been helped, but it is not enough.

How do we know where our donations go?
Just take a moment. Let’s say I just donated 100 dollars to a well known Charity.What’s the next step? Should I just pay and leave?
How do I know if the people in the pictures on their website really got my money? In which country do they live? What are their names?
Did it really help or are there better and more efficient ways for me to contribute?

True story: A couple of years ago I went to a local store and saw a classmate standing outside all dressed in the merchandise for a well-known charity. We greeted each other and he told me I should apply for a summer job at this organization, because it paid very well.  I already had a summer job elsewhere, but then he told what he was making per hour. I was shocked that a kid, still in school, could be earning that much money by standing outside a store asking people to donate to this charity. Good for him right? But all I could think about was how much money this organization was making in order to pay someone that amount of money to stand outside a shop. And how many percent was actually handed to those who they claimed they were raising it for. I hope at least one child in a poor country got what he earned for one hour.

Supporting a Charity project by buying their products.
When I buy coffee from a charity, how do I know if the farmer who made the coffee got his money? Other than reading a statement on a piece of paper.

You can find a link below to a recent charity event where the organization claims to not have known that their t-shirts were made under bad conditions. All to raise money for Gender Equality:

How can we help, for real?
We have to know where our money goes. Period. I want to know exactly who got my money and how it helped. Do you want to know the best part? We can already solve this today with Blockchain technology and IoT.
If you want to know more about how we use Blockchain technology, you can always visit unisot.io for more information.
UNISOT™: We are empowering consumers by using Blockchain and Machine Learning in Supply Chains.

No one has ever become poor by giving.
― Anne Frank

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