March 22nd, Women in Crypto and Blockchain co-hosted Blockchain After Work together with the Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association. We were happy to introduce Kristin Over-Rein, Founder and CEO of a company called Boldbooks.

Kristin is a very warm and driven woman on a mission. She told us that it was only just three weeks ago that it became possible to buy a book on the blockchain making this a very new concept, it even makes it a historical event.

Authors encounter all kinds of difficulties when they want to publish their work: not getting their work accepted by the publisher because it is not ‘commercial’ enough, they only get 10-15 % of the royalties of the revenues, they don’t own the copyrights to their own work, they lose control of the publishing process, etc.

If large publishing companies are the ones to decide what books will be delivered to the public, then all power and authority lies with them, at the same time withholding interesting and inspiring works from the people.

And then comes Boldbooks … giving the power, revenues and control back to the person that delivers the product: the author, and giving people all over the world the opportunity to buy these books. Even those without a bank account and/or without credit cards, because buying books on the blockchain with tokens means books will be globally available just by using a smartphone. Therefore the author gets paid immediately, or even beforehand, or by page, by chapter, or even when the book is sold second-hand, …

Publishing 3.0

The work of an author is their asset, both physically and intellectually. Every book they write is a collection of words, ideas, thoughts and perceptions and holds therefore an array of knowledge. These assets have a intrinsic value, and acknowledging this it will unfold a whole new future for the author and their audience. In turn, the audience can be inspired, motivated, challenged and intrigued by what pictures the author envisions by his or her words.

Because of the blockchain, books now will be globally available, extending knowledge all over the world – including everyone, excluding noone – and this will have a tremendous universal impact.

Introducing this process – from author to reader – by cutting out all middle-men is one of the characteristics of the public decentralized blockchain. And although Boldbooks still is in the starting phase of this concept, working together with Publica, this is a very promising and very anticipated new use case on the blockchain.

And as Kristin said:

“There is an audience for every story.
This is about freedom of speech.
This is about democracy.
This is about sharing thoughts between human beings.”.

Annemie Bergmans

image: boldbooks
location: Cafe Amsterdam