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Sustainable, holistic, vegan, organic, eco-friendly, recyclable, upcycled, ethnical, etc are these words legit? We are on such a good journey to making a positive impact on this earth, but we still have a long way to go, don´t you think?

The fashion industry is huge, and we mean huge! And even if the companies are making all these eco, organic, vegan, sustainable clothes… they are still making clothes. They are still manufacturing. We firmly believe there are great companies out there pouring their heart out to make fair clothing, but there are also companies who want to join the sustainable trend train and claim that their product is going to ‘save the world’.

We need to have a transparent relationship between customers and companies in order to gain trust. We want to give the brands who really are making a change a fair chance to prove themselves ( to be transparent) with their customers.

This is where the technology comes in. We all heard about Machine Learning, VR, Drones, Blockchain etc. Instead of pushing these technologies away because we don´t understand them, maybe we should try to make them our own. Think about it. If it wasn’t for that strange internet thing back in 1990s… we wouldn’t have memes, bloggers, instagram, Kylie Jenner… Okay, maybe we could live without that part of the internet. But think of all the amazing things we can do: skyping with family members, connecting with people all over the world, working, learning things, paying, watching Netflix etc… Many of the huge brands today wouldn’t exist without the internet.

We are getting so much information every day, but is it useful?

Think about all the things we could do with Machine Learning and Blockchain! It really is the internet 2.0 if you think about it. We are able to get information about how clothes are (re)made, how much money the workers got, in which factory it was made and under what circumstances. It continues… How much CO2 each item produced? What is the fabric made of (if cotton, is it organic? which farm? are they getting fair pay?)? What chemicals are used? How and how long was it transported? Are animals still being used? etc..

We could get all this information today, but is it legit?

That is our main question. They can easily share a piece of document on their website which states their production status. But that isn’t enough for us. We need to know for sure. We need companies who are secure enough about their product to be transparent with their customer about every step of the supply chain; from the cotton seed to finished item. We would like to motivate companies to use Blockchain with Machine Learning, so that they can proof that what they are selling us actually is what we get.

How to make a change for real.

It is so important for us as consumers to ask and demand to know what we give power to. At the end of the day money is power, and so is knowledge. When someone tries to sell you their world changing product, it’s easy to convince us by throwing a trendy word on a package. So, next time you are buying clothes and see labels that state vegan, organic, recyclable, upcycled, eco-friendly etc really ask yourself if you can be sure that that is the truth, the real truth …

If you would want to learn more about how you can merge fashion with Blockchain here is a link: unisot.io
UNISOT™: We are empowering consumers by using Blockchain and Machine Learning in Supply Chains

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