Hi Ladies,
We hope you have an amazing day and week. The first month of 2019 is already behind us and for us, the time has gone by quickly.

Why we need you

It’s a man’s world, or at least that’s what they tell us. Men in the tech industry set the tone today, but women have an incredible opportunity with all the new technology that is available right now. We can and have to be a part of the new tech area. We need women to co-design our future in the world. We need women to vocalize what our current problems are in our daily life and at work. How can we speed up the administration? How can I be a part of what my child learns at school?  How can I be sure what I’m buying is what´s on the label? How can I solve a simple daily task with the help of Blockchain?

We are allowed to be a part of the conversation that has an impact on our daily life. It’s our human right.

How we want to help

We at Create Your Team started a group on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to give women in tech (especially in Crypto and Blockchain) a platform to share ideas and questions with each other. We want to let women know that they can have a seat at the table. How can we fix the problem if we are not included in the solution? We thought that if enough women started getting engaged in the tech area, and that does not always mean that we have to start coding and developing a new app, (let people who are passionate about coding do that), then they can become a part of the conversation. What are the problems you face on a daily basis and how can we try to solve them with the help of today’s technology?

There are many; Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Crypto, IoT, Drones, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Tokens, … And if these words sound scary or off putting, reach out to someone who knows a little bit more about that specific topic and share your ideas and visions with them. One person can’t know everything, so try to see it as a team. Some are good at the technical stuff and others are more creative.

We are not trying to say that we only need women groups with women only. We need to form teams with both women and men from every culture and every race so we can get as much information and input about each “group” as possible, because if we think about it, technology is mostly data. And if we are able to achieve this, we are sure that a lot of the world’s problems today would be solved.

In 2019, we hope to see more standard companies working together with crypto/blockchain projects. We would like to see more focus on Blockchain in the supply chain, and where women are co-leading the conversation about where the technology is going. We would also preferably see more women attend public events around the world. 🙂

Here are links to our Women in Crypto and Blockchain groups: