Happy & Healthy 2019! We hope you had a great time spending the holidays with friends and family.

Some or most of us set one or a couple resolutions for the new year, and if you have spent some time on social media these last days, you’ve probably seen all the rage about Celery Juicing. And of course, we at Create Your Team are trying to be more healthy and proactive in 2019 so we’re juicing as well. But we’re wondering … where does the celery come from? Do you know? And if it says organic, can we really trust that? Because we want all the nutrients we can get, right 🙂

As a customer we want to be 100 % sure that when a company or store states that their products are ‘organic’, ‘non-gmo’, ‘FDA-approved’ or ‘environmental-approved’ they can proof that. Therein lies the power we as a customer/consumer have, because ultimately each choice and each purchase we make are the most important ones. Not only for ourselves but for our family, our neighborhood and our environment due to the tremendous ripple effect that they have.

A very inspirational women called Danielle Shine (you can find her on Instagram @chef_shine) taught us at CYT to not only read the front of a package were the magical words ‘organic’,’natural’,´ ‘0% less sugar/fat’ etc etc are written. We have to look at the ingredient list and often the front doesn’t match the back very well. But, if companies are allowed and continue to apply this method, there certainly is other information that is surpassing us.

We want to be sure that the information that is put into a Blockchain or any database is correct. Right now we are relying and trusting on the company to tell us that info. The amazing thing is, right now, there are new technologies who can provide us with the correct information. Or at least give us a chance to see behind the scenes. With Blockchain and AI, we can now insert the right information like the temperature of the water our fish lived in, the medicine our meat ate (this is for our non-vegetarian/non-vegan friends out there), how many hours of sun our tomatoes got, how far my sweater was transported (CO2), etc etc. All this information has now the potential to be stored in a secure way. This gives companies who really care about their customers the chance to prove the legitimacy of their products.

That´s why we took the matter in our own hands and started UNISOT. So that we, the customers, can rely on the terms organic, natural, non-GMO, sustainable… again.

We want to have transparency thru the whole supply chain.
We want to trust that companies treat their people and produce fair.
We want to know every step, from seed to plate.

UNISOT is a company who merges ERP-systems (supply chain) with Blockchain.