The Strength of the Community

The Strength of the Community is when people recognise and acknowledge their own power to create their life.

The next step is for people putting their talent and energy into a project and really go loose into creating new pragmatic solutions. Let’s not make it all about the money, let us also focus on the sheer pleasure and fulfilment that we just made a sustainable difference in somebody’s life.

Are you up for the journey?

Technologies & Projects

Let’s connect the dots, let’s connect the nodes

It all comes down to universal neutral Trust, and the Bitcoin Blockchain technology is giving us the foundation, the building blocks to create trust without middlemen, where visions become improving solutions. We will watch and see groups and initiatives come together, and create new tools and applications to build something unique. Meanwhile inspiring other groups to establish even more unlimited ideas, reaching beyond anything we know!

This is never done before in the history of mankind! Let’s create Trust, Truth and Transparency.

Is it Frightening or Friendly?

The potential benefits of intelligent software and machine learning are huge. It could make people’s lives easier by eradicating a lot of the problems that humankind faces today, but it also holds a great risk as increasingly more companies are incorporating AI into their products. Though the main goal should always be to serve both the individual and our society.

Maybe you already have done some research into reaping the benefits of AI while avoiding potential perils, and are now ready to share this with the world? Go on, create your own AI-team!

Plant-based nutrition, Bio-materials, Holistic living, Urban Farming, Sustainable Sourcing …

New technologies and advanced data have led to encouraging developments in the Health and Nature industry. It has a tremendous impact on the whole food supply chain, and so it should be. The true transparent and global open source technologies, AI and cryptocurrencies will have a huge impact that will simplify life as we know it, to benefit all of us.

There is still much that needs to be done, small or large projects, local or global … we need them!

Social Projects with a Universal Impact

There are a lot of projects going on around the world. These will help improve the environment and the quality of life for others by emphasizing on sustainable social projects. This becomes possible by connecting ideas, knowledge, energy and skills with a wide network of like-minded people which in turn will lift all of humanity.

There is a thin line between Reality and Virtual/Augmented Reality

Education, Archeology, 3D Engineering, Packaging Tools, Environmental issues, Presentation Tools, … the areas where it can be used are limitless. These thought-provoking techniques are indeed changing how we view the world and how we could improve it for all of us.

What will the future look like when people start co-creating the New Reality?

3D Printing, Drones, Smart Materials, Quantum Physics, Robotics, Electric Vehicles, Nanotechnology

Our world is changing at an extremely fast rate due to the development of these new, cutting edge science and technologies. It sure is fascinating to see how they will alter our way of life.

There is a huge responsibility because of the power that comes with it, and the understanding as how this forms us as a society.

Connecting the dots

With the openness, the transparency and the thougt-provoking characteristics of these new technologies we will see the rise of new inventions, new companies and new investments which in turn will create new levels of progress and success. What impact could this have for Transportation, Education, Health Care, Communities, Politics, etc … ?

It can only happen when an individual or a group of people, who refuse to think or act the same way everybody else thinks or acts, decides to make a difference and starts developing new applications, new projects and new ventures that nobody has imagined or created before.

With this in mind, we as a Community have a large responsibility … it is these awesome groundbreaking technologies that are going to be the answer … and each idea, each project is to be an investment for the greater good for everyone.