Who would of thought that eco-friendly swimwear would be fashionable in 2018?
You can see it popping up a lot on instagram and in fashion magazines. That’s super cool, but what is more cooler is that it´s sustainable.
There are a lot of different materials that are being recycled and used for sustainable swimwear, swim gear, accessories, yoga clothing etc. Some of them are made from old fishnets, carpet fluff, plastic bottles, regenerated nylon, recycled nylon fibres, regenerated polyamide fibre, hemp,… If you do a quick google search, you will find a ton of websites and fashion brands who are making their clothes in a sustainable way.

Note: even if plastic is recycled, it still can release harmful microplastics.


Some of us only use our swimwear for one summer because of sun bleaching, chlorine stains, cheap material etc. But a lot of retailers have a recycling box in their store and a lot of them will give you a small refund or discount when you recycle your old clothes or swimwear.

A few clothing brands you should definitely check out!

  • Slinkii.com (They are such a cool brand run by Youtubers Pia and Kane Vato)
  • Manakai Swimwear
  • Wolventhreads
  • Koru Swimwear
  • volcom.com
  • thereformation.com
  • Lindex

You could also check out your local stores if they have a sustainable collection.

We hope you´ll find the perfect swimwear and ENJOY your summer!