Getting ready for summer …

We know, it’s still the end of April, but it’s only 10 weeks before most of us go on holidays. Although we long for stressless days by the beach, just reading a book or taking a swim, this year we wanted to take on things differently.

We thought it might be fun to start the countdown towards a crazy hazy summer by presenting you our top 10 topics to make the most of it. We want to prepare ourselves by looking for a different kind of mindful mindset. So, roll up your sleeves and see which topics we have in store for you. We will post an article once a week.

1.Plastic Part 1: Problems and Tips

2.Plastic part 2 : Solutions in Blockchain

3.Healthy Cold Drinks

4.BBQ tips on plant based food & Ice cream: Pro/Cons – DIY

5.Local markets

6.Pay with Crypto

7.Recharging your batteries

8.Summer reading


10.Eco-friendly swimwear/swim gear