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Meet the right people, right now
and pursue your dreams and visions to build an Empowering Future!

We, at Create Your Team, would like to give you the opportunity to connect to our community of motivating people, inspiring projects and ground breaking technologies. Our community of Visionaries, Tutors, Developers, Mentors, Investors, Companies and Volunteers all have interesting new ways of thinking, a new way of looking at the world, with a vision and a purpose that will change a lot for so many.

They arrange projects and launch start-ups, they organize workshops and give lectures, they develop new ideas with the help of exciting and disruptive technologies. They all have an internal motivating drive and a tremendous potential to impact and improve our lives and our world in a meaningful way.

An honest dedication makes visions become a genuine reality. It goes beyond the dream to make a better world, it is a whole-hearted commitment that leads to a sustainable social impact for all living beings.

Things are really moving fast and we have a lot of interesting and wonderful things going on. Just head over to our Blog and Social Media to have an idea of what we already have been doing and browse through our Events, Workshops, Presentations, etc so you keep up-to-date on all the exciting things that are coming.

Caroline, Annemie and Stephan



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